Burn the Ships!

To help me tell this story, I am looking to Capitan Hernando Cortes.  In 1519, Cortes’ army left Cuba for Central America.  Cortes was to conquer this new world and gain its treasures, no matter the cost.  As the story goes, once Cortes landed in what is now Mexico, he ordered his crew to Burn the Ships.  “Burn the Ships?  How are we going to get home?” the crew asked.  Cortes responded confidently “When we conquer the Aztec Empire, we will sail home in their boats.”

In burning the ships, Cortes and his crew had no choice – either succeed in conquering this new world and gain its riches, or die trying.  Do you have this level of commitment to the succession of your agency?  In a recent survey, MarshBerry asked, “How have the current economic conditions impacted your perpetuation plans?”  Surprisingly, 78% indicated that the economic downturn had no impact on their perpetuation plans.  Click below for the full article:


One of the most talked about topics when I meet with Agency Owners is Perpetuation.  How do you plan for the succession of your family named business so that your legacy continues long after you’re gone (hopefully on a boat somewhere tropical)?  One of our specialties here at MarshBerry is helping those going down this path to unlock the mysteries of this elusive target and get it right.  So many see this as a far off event when, in fact, it is a process – a ten to fifteen YEAR process.  You may not need to ‘Burn the Ships’, but in order to succeed you must Stay the Course.

For more information on how you can Network with other Agencies working toward similar goals, please visit peernetworks.marshberry.com


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