Educational Webinar Series

Our Second Webinar in the series covered Producer Recruiting: Five Steps to Success.

With millions of American jobs lost in the last two years and no end in sight, many agencies nationwide are wondering why great sales people are not suddenly falling from the sky and into their laps. This webinar will concentrate on FIVE areas of focus an agency can use in 2012 to enhance their Producer Recruiting Program. Join this webinar to hear Jared Roy and Josh Morgan, MarshBerry Consultants, explain how you can implement a proven process for recruiting, training and developing successful insurance agency producers. If you’re an insurance agency owner, executive, or shareholder interested in Recruiting Successful producers this webinar has the answers.

In this 30-minute webinar we will reveal:
Key strategies to recruiting successful producers
Examples of how to take action now
Secrets of high performing agencies
And more…

Click Here to access a recording of this Webinar –>

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Educational Webinar Series

Along with my colleague Josh Morgan, I will be presenting the first in a series of educational web-based sessions geared toward helping Independent Insurance Agencies unlock the mysteries of how to increase their value.

Five Ways to Increase the Value of Your Independent Agency will be offered at three times during the week of February 27th.

Click here for more info:

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Hit Your Numbers in 2012

This blog post is taken from the December 2011 issue of For The Record.  The full article can be found here:

Growing organizations concentrate on what they can control year in and year out.  Economics 101 says that if you need to reach your organic growth goal, the options are to increase price, add new products or sell more existing products. In the insurance world, the best option is to sell more existing products. The other two options are limited. While there are several strategies that could impact growth, the following are key components in building a sustainable growth model:

  • Applying Negative Consequences
  • Sophisticated Staff
  • Sales Training for Producers
  • Differentiated Client Offering
  • Pipeline Accountability Systems

While executing on an organic strategy is the challenge, the first step is comparing your organization to each measurable metric. For example, do you enforce negative consequences for producers who do not hit their sales goals? Taking a step back, are those expectations communicated and defined to the producers? Before enforcing negative consequences, it is critical that producers know and understand their sales goals. If producers are not meeting their expected goals, find coachable moments in their shortfalls and enhance their sales techniques through training. Ask similar questions for each of the key drivers of organic growth.  The results of growth cannot be changed until measured and benchmarked. With the new year approaching, now is the perfect time to regroup your sales team and implement a solid game plan for hitting your numbers throughout 2012.  Whether measured monthly or quarterly, you can be certain that a fresh approach will motivate and inspire your sales people.

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Burn the Ships!

To help me tell this story, I am looking to Capitan Hernando Cortes.  In 1519, Cortes’ army left Cuba for Central America.  Cortes was to conquer this new world and gain its treasures, no matter the cost.  As the story goes, once Cortes landed in what is now Mexico, he ordered his crew to Burn the Ships.  “Burn the Ships?  How are we going to get home?” the crew asked.  Cortes responded confidently “When we conquer the Aztec Empire, we will sail home in their boats.”

In burning the ships, Cortes and his crew had no choice – either succeed in conquering this new world and gain its riches, or die trying.  Do you have this level of commitment to the succession of your agency?  In a recent survey, MarshBerry asked, “How have the current economic conditions impacted your perpetuation plans?”  Surprisingly, 78% indicated that the economic downturn had no impact on their perpetuation plans.  Click below for the full article:

One of the most talked about topics when I meet with Agency Owners is Perpetuation.  How do you plan for the succession of your family named business so that your legacy continues long after you’re gone (hopefully on a boat somewhere tropical)?  One of our specialties here at MarshBerry is helping those going down this path to unlock the mysteries of this elusive target and get it right.  So many see this as a far off event when, in fact, it is a process – a ten to fifteen YEAR process.  You may not need to ‘Burn the Ships’, but in order to succeed you must Stay the Course.

For more information on how you can Network with other Agencies working toward similar goals, please visit

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Independent Agency Value

Focus on what you can control.

Agency owners have faced many challenges recently in light of the current economic conditions and soft market.  Independent Agency Value has been a moving target for most, yet some have been able to grow and increase their value despite market conditions they have no control of.  MarshBerry breaks this down in a recent installment of our monthly newsletter, For The Record.  Based on the attached, Agency valuations have increased slightly over the last year or so following two to three years of negative growth.  What we discovered is top performers who are positively impacting their value the most are those that are focusing on what they can control, their Agency’s performance.

Download the article here:

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5th Annual SNL/MarshBerry Insurance Brokerage Summit

If you are an Insurance Agency Executive with interest in Growth through Acquisitions, then you need to be at this event.  In it’s 5th installment, MarshBerry is collaborating with SNL Financial to bring together some of the leading executives, advisors and analyasts for a high powered event centered around strategic planning, growth and the outlook for the insurance distribution marketplace.  Visit: for more information.


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Hello world!

Welcome to my MarshBerryEast Blog!  

You can also follow me @MarshBerryEast on Twitter.  Why should you follow this blog?  Quite simply, you will find relevant Insurance Industry information, Networking Event details, Sales Training opportunities and we like to have a little fun once in a while.  Before you start to enjoy the content here, I would like to share a little about who I am and what I do here at MarshBerry.

First, let’s answer the question of “Who is MarshBerry?”

Founded in 1981, MarshBerry is the nation’s leading provider of consulting services (financial, operational, sales management, and M&A advisory) in the financial services industry and the preeminent provider of consulting services to agents and brokers.  The firm is the largest of all organizations in this particular area of specialization and the oldest under continuous ownership.  MarshBerry is a fast growing, privately held company that rewards its key employees with ownership opportunities.  The firm has clients in all 50 states and is a leading advisor for insurance broker M & A deals each year for the last five years.  MarshBerry’s reputation for excellence, integrity and innovation is well known to agents, brokers, insurers, banks, investment brokers, and other financial services providers.

At our core, MarshBerry has one primary objective: Helping insurance distributors maximize value.

MarshBerry provides services in these primary areas:

  • Valuation
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sales Management
  • Integration/Operation Services
  • Market Research
  • Ownership Continuity
Now that we have the textbook answer out of the way, let’s discuss what I do on a daily basis:  I manage Business Development for the East Coast of the US.  What that means is that my role is to meet with Independent Insurance Agency CEO’s to learn their needs, goals and challenges so that we can determine if a relationship with MarshBerry will be mutually beneficial.  It is my job to match up MarshBerry’s many ‘products and services’ to help the agency move the needle in the areas of growth, revenue, profit and viability.  Our success is measured by our clients – If they are successful, we are successful.  

If you take a moment to read my bio –> Jared Roy Biography, you’ll get a little insight into my background and a few of my personal interests.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by and I look forward to getting to know you a little better.



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